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If you are self publishing a non-fiction book…

there’s a few things you need to consider

A lot of companies out there talk about how easy and quick it is to write and publish a non-fiction book. And they are right – it’s easy. It’s easier than ever before to record, write, or pay someone else to create a work of fiction or non-fiction, upload it to Amazon, and start collecting royalties.

We’re not here to dispute that.

However, if you have arrived at the idea of writing and self-publishing a book to position yourself as an absolute expert and authority in your field, then you need to be on a whole different level. If you’re building a house, you can start with a general plan but to stand out from the rest of the street, its best to work with an architect.

We’re not here to throw a book together and then just walk away.

If you want to establish yourself as an expert, game changer or thought leader in this world over-populated by ‘gurus’, you will need far more than a simple publishing opportunity. You need an extraordinary and dynamic team – one that covers far more than just the writing and publishing angles.


Because it’s not just about the book.

Here’s the journey of a serious non-fiction author now and in the coming decade:

  1. Write your best book – maybe more than one.
  2. Produce a professional book, placing it ahead of the ‘typical’ style of self-published books.
  3. Publish to Amazon, IngramSpark and D2D, and, if relevant, print some copies to sell locally.
  4. Promote and market your book – and yourself as the author.
  5. Use the book to position yourself locally and globally as a serious contender for speaking, consulting, and training roles.
  6. Gather momentum as a presenter on your topic.
  7. Get good, really good, at this – become a true authority within your area of expertise.
  8. Develop a training program based on your book.
  9. Step up to a whole new level of professionalism based on being an Author-ity Author.
  10. Write another book…or three! Why stop at just one?

If you’re just starting out with a big idea, this list might look overwhelming – but it is all achievable. We know that because we’ve been in that very same position.  

We can help you take care of the 5 Ps of Authority 

  • Publishing
  • Profiles
  • Platforms
  • Publicity
  • Presentations


Who are we?

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In 2001, Dixie Maria Carlton sold a company and decided to write a book. She got lucky! Amazon was only just really starting to gather steam, and her book found its way through an industry connection to a ‘co-author’ in the USA. She also ended up being personally coached by a publishing and marketing specialist – who at the time was working with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, and Bob Proctor – on where those industries collided in the emerging self-publishing world.

Several books and a few awards later, Dixie was assisting other top speakers from around the world to develop their expertise and publishing aspirations, while also developing her own professional speaking career. By 2011, Dixie had embarked on a solid program of working with more authors, representing many at international book fairs in both Frankfurt and London, selling foreign rights, working with respected literary agents and was shipping books around the world.

Her clients were achieving top-sales status, being promoted extensively through national media and returning in some instances to write subsequent books under Dixie’s guidance and care. She then moved to Australia and focused on developing her marketing and social media skills for a couple of years before, at the request of past clients, returning to the world of independent publishing in 2017.

Ann Wilson took over the ownership and management of Post Pre-press Group in 2012 after 25 years running her own businesses in the UK and Australia. Post Pre-press was at that time successfully providing high-quality outwork services to some of the leading traditional publishing houses throughout Australia and employed a small, talented team in Brisbane. It made sense to expand the services offered by Post Pre-press to include options for self-publishing authors, and Independent Ink was the result, opening for business in 2015.

Ann and Dixie recognised immediately that there was an opportunity to work together servicing the extensive needs of non-fiction authors beyond just the book and created Indie Experts in early 2019.

Serious non-fiction authors who want to be recognised as authorities in their industry need guidance through the coaching, publishing, and production stages but the journey doesn’t stop there. What comes next can be where the real work begins and it was a natural progression for Indie Experts to offer online marketing, speaker development, course creation and branding services to clients.

Introducing the A-Team:

This is a highly specialised company – and particularly unique in terms of publishing industry service providers worldwide. Not only do Ann and Dixie oversee the individual requirements of each client in relation to their books and specialist status as industry game changers, they also manage all the other parts of the process that authors need to focus on in order to fully maximise their abilities, and master the delivery of written, spoken and online products.

When you work with Indie Experts you get the whole package.

Indie Experts has dynamic collaborative partnerships (as featured below) to ensure our clients get the best opportunities to be totally, gobsmackingly amazing and enjoy the ease of pulling it all together. That means that when you work with us, you have access to some of the most experienced experts we’ve personally worked with for years, who are quite simply part of our specially developed Indie Experts team.

Note: Most of these specialists operate their own companies and are not exclusive to us, so you can seek them out directly if you wish. However if you are introduced into our process and therefore are an Indie Expert VIP tribe member with the whole package, then we help you to project manage all these extra parts and people to help take out most of the guess work. Check out our podcasts for more on some of these extraordinary people. 

In the past 10 years alone, Brad Hauck’s clients have sold over $1 billion dollars worth of products & services from the traffic he’s helped them generate through online marketing.

Brad Hauck

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist, Mr Web Marketing

Naadia is our go-to for website and social media creative set up and development. Our authors sometimes need a lot of help to get this part right and Naadia offers extensive expertise and value in these areas.

Naadia Jackson-Amiga

Online Business Essentials Specialist

Louise is an extraordinarily skilled photographer who specialises in getting the future you captured and featured in dynamic photos that really get you noticed.

Louise Williams

Personal Branding Photographer, Louise Williams Photography

We’ve worked with Daniela through dozens of books – her covers are outstanding, and many are award winners. We also engage Daniela for some internal image work and her results are always delightful. Exceptionally gifted!

Daniela Catucchi

Designer, Catucchi Design

A creative genius who knows how to bring the best you out on camera and help you and your message shine out to the whole world. Tanya also teaches you how to get comfortable on video.

Tanya McQueen

Videographer, McQueen Studios

Dave is a master of the sound room – for audiobooks, podcasting and all things sound related. He is our go-to for sound advice, production and has also often featured on our podcasts as a guest specialist.

Dave Stokes

Sound Engineer, Author 2 Audio

SME options including Facebook groups as part of your core marketing strategy requires strategy and insights. Cat has more than 60,000 active followers on her own sites and is an author, prolific writer and blogger.

Cat Coluccio

Social Media

When we’re launching a book, publicity is a must-have part of the plan, and we rely on Jules’ wisdom, insights, and outrageously good expertise to guide us and our authors for all PR planning and implementation.

Jules Brooke

PR Accelerator, Handle Your Own PR

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