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  Is your book covered in cyberdust?

We often see a book or an author profile that is … well … ‘ok’ … but far from ‘fantastic’. This is often due to one of three things:

  • The author self-published and wasn’t aware of the options available to them.
  • The author got busy, went off on a tangent at some point, and promoting their book got too hard or technically challenging.
  • They thought they’d done a good job of listing their book, but quickly re-focused on what they do best, and their book just sat and gathered cyberdust.

Sadly, their efforts to deliver great content to readers they want to inspire were stalled by their book not being found. Marketing shuddered to a halt, and fixing it presents a learning curve they simply don’t have the time or enthusiasm for. Sounding familiar?

This has become such a common challenge for authors that here at Indie Experts we decided to start a rescue program. Catering for authors and books who want to shake off that cyberdust to shine, beat a louder drum and be easily found on Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble or any of a variety of online and brick-and-mortar stores. 

Ranking vs tanking in the charts

We have developed an option for authors who are already listed but want to get their books back on top, ranking in the charts, and united with those searching for their information. Authors whose books are well ranked are more easily able to maximise their presence online across all their media marketing efforts.

A book that is tanking looks like this:





In this case, lending is not enabled, the sales rank is in the millions – nearly three million – and the performance is in the thousands.

Compare it to this:




Or, even better, this:





However, it’s not just about the Amazon ranking. The bottom two examples have well-worded, keyword-rich descriptions developed through a special authors’ program, which identifies the best categories and keywords for each book. The authors’ profiles are easily read, there are enough reviews to engage anyone searching for the subjects, and the books themselves are well edited, well designed and well presented.

Shake off the cyberdust

You can take this further by adding your book to other platforms where the same logic applies, and we’re keen to see a serious refreshment option offered to the many authors struggling with cyberdust. These are the books that do perform well, stand their authors in a good professional light, and are easily read and appreciated by those readers they were intended to reach.

With this in mind, Indie Experts has developed a couple of premium boosting options for a limited number of authors per month.

Amazon Boost:

If you’ve already published your manuscript but you are unsure about uploading, or have done this and have seen that it’s under-performing on Amazon or not available where you hoped it would be (Book Depository, Nook, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo etc.), we can help. We start by re-launching your book, and reviewing all the listings and descriptions. We will also provide some guidance around using your social media to give it a good boost.

This also includes checking your keywords and categories, working on getting you some reviews, and monitoring your progress over a couple of weeks to drive your book up through the rankings on Amazon. We’ll also train you in reading your reports and continue to nudge your book along on a regular basis.

Our fee for this starts at $1500 for your first book. If you have some additional titles, we can include these for a further $850 each if done collectively.

Super Boost:

If you have your book on other platforms or wish to do so, we can offer you an even more in-depth service, featuring uploading and checking files on IngramSpark, getting you additional reviews, and ensuring your book is promoted to reach a much wider market across all platforms.

This is a POA service as we need to know more about what you’ve already done, and more about your book before being able to provide a quote.

Please note, as part of our ongoing commitment to working with high-quality authors and books, we have a selection process for our boost services.  We simply can’t do this for everyone as we have a hands-on process that is time-consuming when done properly. In order to provide the very best, we must limit these services to only 6 authors per month. However, as this is an ongoing service, you are welcome to sign up well ahead of when you expect to require the service.

Ongoing maintenance:

Maintenance of your Amazon and IngramSpark platforms, including advertising and reporting is easy for us, but may be a steep and unwanted learning curve for you. Let us take care of this. SEE our Subscription Options Page HERE

And if you want more help getting Amazon Advertising, Bookbub, Booksprout, or social media marketing for your book, please let us know. From $250 per month, we can assist you and you book in various areas. Talk to us about what you want, what you need, and how far you can take your content.  SEE our SUBSCRIPTION Page Here for additional options too.

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