When you are ready to get busy writing a new book – whether your first, or your 21st – and you want to be guided through the Indie Experts 10 step process using our extraordinary resources, expertise and so much more, you’re going to love this very special Masterclass Opportunity.

Wait a Gosh Darned Minute…!

Why not just DIY?  After all, so much on the internet shows you how to write a book, right?

Because if you’re going to spend time and effort writing a book, one that is going to help establish your value, expertise and increase your marketing effectiveness, then you will find our process is significantly superior to just any old DIY options.

Starting with – The Thinking & Planning Stage

A dedicated process for thinking about your contents, planning, them, ensuring they are hitting the right market for you to maximise leverage opportunities once your book is published.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll gather with up to 6 others (capped for maximum value) 6 times over a four month period, to work on getting clarity around your content, market, and calls to action.
  • You’ll write your manuscript using our specially developed process, ensuring structure. easy writing, and support as you go
  • Support includes feedback on your writing style and content, and have a one hour coaching session Manuscript Maestro and Publishing Coach Dixie Carlton each month.
  • You’ll learn about getting test readers to review your unfinished manuscript, then how to work with excellent editors to fine tune your masterpiece, before getting it ready to enter the production phase of your book’s publishing journey.

While your manuscript is being groomed and ready to publish you’ll learn about what goes into getting your book ready for uploading, publishing inside secrets of success, and how to use the many publishing platforms open to you and your book.

You’ll also be given the inside secrets to what you need to do to master the authority journey – not just write and publish your book.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Process we use is one we’ve fine tuned and developed over 19 years, and hundreds of books.  We know it works, and it’s easy for you to develop a powerful manuscript that works hard for you as a book.  Our award winning and top selling authors rave about our process – and these include authors who started with their own DIY options first.

One said: “Writing this myself was like pooping a pumpkin – doing it this way was more like
laying an egg in comparison.”

We could not have said it better and love this testament to how easy our system is… and can’t wait to share it with you.

Your masterclass is also packed with great resources:

  • The Pitch Worksheet
  • The Jigsaw Planning Process and worksheets
  • Beta Readers Invitation
  • The Reviewers Pack
  • Deciding on your title and subtitle formula

We’ll also walk you through all the additional information you need to know to finish y our book and have it not under perform for you.

Knowing what to do about the Extra Parts like:

  • Acknowledgements and Dedication
  • Foreword and Introduction
  • Sales page – your Call to Action for readers.
  • Back cover description
  • ISBN Page

How to understand and work with the editing process is a significant part of your author journey – and we have a whole section dedicated to this so you can have your contents polished and truly brilliant so that your finishing stages are smoother and less stressful for you too.


Your Investment:

To work one-to-one with Dixie through these stages of your author journey, is a significant investment. Indie Experts fees for developing producing, and publishing a manuscript start at $18,000.

But, to be part of this Manuscript Mastery Program,
your investment is only 3 payments of


First payment is in February 2022.

  • Your homework pre-pack arrives immediately and will mean approximately 2-3 hours input from you.
  • First gathering of the group is 11th March 2022
  • Your next payment is 22th April 2022
  • Final payment is 20th May 2022

You meet together with the group: 14th, 28th, March / 11th,  27th April / 9th,  25th May.

You meet with Dixie  for one-on-one coaching sessions: 1st week in March / 1st week in April / 1st week in May.


You will be invited able to access the Experts Extension Program recordings on completion of this program to learn even more about the Experts Industry, including such topics as Speaking Professionally, Workshops, Creating Audio Books, Video for Authors, Social Media and much more.


FREE Access to our Very Helpful APP – so you can access all parts of what you need to know next about producing and publishing your manuscript once it’s written. 


Yes I’m Ready!

Sign up by completing the form here.  In the message box please indicate your topic (in general terms).  We’ll be in touch to arrange the rest. 

Please note: $995.oo per month is exclusive of GST if you live in Australia. This program is strictly limited to 6 authors, although a joint authorship (2 authors) could be considered as one author for this. Special conditions apply. 

Please limit your description to 300 words.
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