Do NOT Write Your Book … Yet!

Put down your pen, step away from the computer, stop making notes, and do nothing more with your manuscript until you read this book!

In 2020, Dixie was struck by inspiration to write a book that captures the difference between authors who focus on ‘writing books’ vs authors who want to extend their ability to maximise leverage on their content and to achieve more recognition and rewards for their expertise.

Authority Island was written in first draft form in just a few days. Well to be fair, it’s not a particularly large book, and as a story – a parable – the flow of words was ‘relatively easy’ for such a prolific writer.

Dixie and Ann refined the story and content together and decided to launch it as an example of:
  1. Highlighting the power of telling a story to simplify the complexity of anything.
  2. What authors most need to know at various stages of their book journey, after the writing part is done.
  3. To amplify that this journey towards becoming an authority – not just an author – is exactly that – a Journey.

(And…Dixie, who loves metaphors and analogies, also got to play a lot with those in this book.)

Authority Island

Why some authors become authorities, and others just write books 

Whether you’re writing non-fiction ebooks, or selling your expertise as a writer of blogs and articles, the business of being a writer is exactly that, a business. It’s a business for authors and experts who speak, retired professionals, people who have something to say and maybe want to change their corner of the world in some way. But what many authors don’t realise is that once the book is written, then the hard work begins as you tackle the difference between being an author vs authority.


Authority Island is about the respective experiences of three fictional authors. Independent Sue wants to do it all herself, learning mostly  from the internet and a few she meets along the way, but not really wanting to put too much effort into her marketing, Sue gets to Authority Island and learns just how unprepared she is for what happens after her book is ready to publish on Amazon.

Bob has tapped into a lot of resources and feels confident about what he needs to do as an author and speaker, but discovers he still has a lot to do in order to master becoming an authority – despite all he’s so far invested and done to be ready for his publishing journey.

Kris however, works closely with people who can help her at every step of the way, so that her own learning curve is much smoother as she navigates her way around collecting the Five Keys of Authority she needs to open the Mystical Gate at the far end of the Island.

★This book is not an author training manual, but a story demonstrating valuable insights into what most authors need to know about publicity, promotion, branding, social media, and being an author who speaks about their expertise


 PS – There’s a tonne of BONUS resources located in the back of this book too…


“This book is a masterclass of how to use story to educate the reader on the critical difference between being an authority and just writing a book.  Simply a MUST READ for anyone who is serious about sharing their wisdom by writing a book.”  Steve Lowell, CSP 2021-22 President Global Speakers Federation, and Co-Founder Deep Thought StrategyTM

“I wish I had met the three characters in this book before I wrote my first book – instead of my fifth.  For anyone contemplating writing a book this is a MUST READ!  Crawl over broken glass if you have to, but get a copy of this book – it will set you up for success.”  Ian Stephens CSP, best selling Author of Shift Culture

“I love the title of this book because it is so true! If you follow Dixie’s wisdom you will create a book that positions you as an authority, not just an author!”  Keith Abraham, CSP, Founder of Passion for Excellence, and Best Selling Author

“Authority Island is a must-read book for anyone considering becoming an author and writing their first book.  It’s not a step-by-step how-to, but does guide you through some important topics you may consider highly helpful to understand before your writing journey commences.” Adam Houlahan, 4x Amazon Best-Selling Author

“This book is both a valuable resource and a wake-up call. If you want to change the world with your ideas, Authority Island demonstrates just how much work and knowledge is required in order to become a successful thought-leader and authority on your topic. More importantly, it gives aspiring authors a path to follow.” Bronwyn Reid, Founder and CEO Small Company, Big Business

 I highly recommend this book to any author who wants to be a successful authority”

“The journey from unknown to famous has many paths, most marked by charlatans, con-men and dealers in deception. ‘Authority Island’ documents the true, honest journey of what everyone who has dreams of being a known authority will face along the way from the shadows of solitude to the blinding lights of a main stage.

“Dixie Carlton writes a visually engaging, and emotionally open story of three people’s experiences and emotions in the process of creating, writing and publishing their seminal works. Lacing in lessons from her own experiences and those of her clients, she points out the pitfalls, blind curves and hidden motives of those who would use and abuse the aspiring authority. For the person who wants to take their lifetime’s experience and turn it into a book that makes them an authority, this book is both mandatory and highly enjoyable reading.

“I’ve written over a dozen books for myself and as a ghostwriter, and I can say from both my own, and that of my clients, this books layout the obstacles facing any aspiring authority, and gives them hope in their darkest hours and grounding when they fly too high.” David Pisarra, Esq. Head Ghost, American Ghost Media, LLC

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