Get started on writing a non-fiction book
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The typical journey for first time authors:


“I’m going to write a non-fiction book… starting today!” 

“Well great – you’ve been thinking about it for long enough – get going.”

So, you sharpen your pencils, ink up the fancy new fountain pen you bought specially, open your beautiful new journal, create a separate file on your computer, shuffle your crisp white note paper, then you stare at your  screen after the first two paragraphs. You might write a whole page… two even.  Then you fiddle with it noticing mistakes along the way.  Finally you  berate yourself for getting distracted, then go pour yourself another coffee and return to your desk with so much enthusiasm and ‘readiness’ you’re on fire for the rest of the day. You might even have a few days like this. Maybe you’ll get your first very long chapter done and print it out, give it to your best friend to read, and wait anxiously for feedback. But… He or she doesn’t laugh, they smile (because they love you!) encouragingly so you keep going.


Then it’s time to seek a Publisher… maybe!


If and when you eventually finish writing a non-fiction book, you seek a publisher, and that’s when you get your first in a series of big reality checks. It needs a LOT of work, that manuscript you sweated over for the last few months. A. LOT!!!  With three exclamation marks!

There’s a LOT more to writing a book than most people realise when first starting out – so we’ve decided to make it significantly easier for the enthusiastic ready-to-dive-in authors among you. We’ve created a way for you to get started, and finish a manuscript that needs a whole lot less ‘work’ than one that doesn’t skip through the first two critical steps. 

It’s time to PREPARE for your writing journey.

BEFORE you write your book – there are some things to do – and sharpening your pencils not included.

In this three week course, we’re going to get you ready to write your book.

You’ll Discover:

How to plan a great manuscript,

For the market who really wants to read it,

In a way that helps them to finish reading it,

How to ‘create a great finish point’ for ending each chapter,

and then take action – how you want them to.


Dixie Maria Carlton has helped hundreds of authors to use this formula to get excellent content ready to publish.  She’s a Manuscript Maestro with award winning clients who have sold their books internationally and used them to strategically enhance their careers across a wide range of industries. Ann Dettori Wilson is a expert publishing specialist who works closely with traditional publishers and in the self publishing and indie options.

If you want to save:

  1. The Anxiety of writers block, or content faux pas
  2. The headaches and time challenges of re-writing a lot of your content
  3. The cost of extreme levels of editing*

Then THIS short course is for you.

 *ALL books need editing – but a well crafted manuscript will save a fortune on editing costs!



“When I first wrote a draft on my own, it was a long hard slog and then I worked with Dixie’s process which was so much easier”

Greg Cawley

Yes  it’s FREE for now.

Why? Because we know how much getting started properly is critical for a solid manuscript.

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