Collaborative Partnerships

We can’t be all things to all people.  But we can achieve some extraordinary things working with our team of collaborative partners who take care of things like:

  • Social Media, (set up and management)
  • WordPress websites (set up and management)
  • Photography and videography
  • Branding and design
  • Content extension
  • Workshop development
  • Advanced speaking Skills
  • Local & International Marketing and PR
  • Awards and funding applications

We’re able to offer our clients project management of an advanced career focus and development opportunity – because some people want to be absolute global trailblazers – through our unique team of dynamos.

Get to know our team:

Brad Hauck

SEO and Digital Content Genius

‘In the past 10 years alone, Brad Hauck’s clients have sold over $1 Billion Dollars worth of products & services from the traffic he’s helped them generate through online marketing.’

Brad’s journey as an internationally acclaimed online marketing expert started in 1996 when he was writing books for teachers to help them use computers in their classrooms. Deciding to take them to the web so he could reach a wider audience, little did he know that it would be the start of his helping some of the world’s biggest companies succeed online, (Example or two of big names here please) and also to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of his own books and courses.

Through his evolution from Computer Technician to Teacher to SEO company founder to Professional Speaker & Leading Expert in the online marketing field, Brad has taken the last 33 years to develop a deep understanding of not only web based technology, but most importantly, how the internet can be utilised effectively to help businesses grow their profits more quickly via advanced marketing and implementation options.

With a Masters degree in Education specialising in designing courses & training, with nearly 25 years selling online, Brad can help you not only repurpose your books into a range of highly profitable products to sell but also help you to market yourself effectively online.

Brad’s business results and testimonials speak for themselves. He’s the reason behind thousands of businesses getting top online marketing results and an unstoppable Internet marketing buzz.

In the past 10 years alone, his clients have sold over $1 Billion Dollars worth of products & services from the traffic he’s helped them generate through online marketing. If you want to be “Virtually Famous” in your market, take your brand to #1, grow a leveraged business… Brad will help you do it!

Pretsel Morar

Videographer, photographer, social media and online branding specialist

(He’s also an outrageously good hockey player!)

Pretsel has been developing and building the brands of international quality sports men and women for well over a dozen years, and works with the champions of champions.  Authors are similar to sports legends, and his skills at developing the best branding opportunities for clients is quite simply, legendary.