Experts Coaching Options for Existing Authors 

We’ve developed some outstanding resources, processes, and abilities to help authors become authorities. Over nearly 20 years, and hundreds of non-fiction authors, we have been able to refine our skills in this area, to help elevate authors who really want to become inspirational game changers in their industries to refine, polish and stand out.

Dixie Carlton graduated from Coach U/Coach Inc in 2003 after 30 months of study, and has excelled as both a marketing, and SME coach and brings those skills in abundance to her work as a publishing coach. That has been one of the key differentials for Indie Experts Authors since 2019 – the coaching through the before, during and after process of becoming a non-fiction authority. That coaching and guidance coupled with the highest levels of production and publishing, has helped dozens of Indie Experts Authors become high performing experts with top performing books around the world.

Indie Experts can now offer these coaching skills and programs developed over the last 17 years to authors who have already written their books, but are struggling to find their best way forward in terms of getting leverage on their expertise.


This book is FREE when you book a meeting with us to discuss your authority journey. Because we want you to know more about what the post publishing journey really looks like – Hint: it includes all of the areas listed on the image.  

If you’d like to work with us…

We’ll start with inviting you to a brief 20–30 minute chat about where you’re up to on your Authority Journey, then send you an easy to use planning/ID sheet so you can see what you need mostly to focus on – which priorities and your strengths re these.  Then we’ll start with a 2–3 hour planning session to ensure the right plan is worked out for you so that you can be sure we’re covering the areas YOU most need help with. This is NOT a one size fits all approach!

Dixie has helped me to see a wide array of complementary activities that go hand-in-hand with the book. Tremendous vision, awesome attention to detail, passionate about her work! I am recommending her to anyone who is passionate about writing a book and to be guided and encouraged along the way.

Kathy Rees - Author of Courageous Auditing

Options Include: 

  • Weekly, or Fortnightly
  • FOUR or SIX month plans


Book an exploritory session with Dixie – First 30 minutes is FREE (limited appointments available per month)