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Indie Experts are specialist non-fiction service providers to independent authors seeking high quality assistance for their books. All our authors are highly skilled specialists, authors who are also speaking on stages, training venues, and in boardrooms around the world, and are trailblazers of their respective industries.

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We’re not just another self-publishing services company!

Our authors are movers and shakers who command, inspire and lead. Industry experts and outspoken provocateurs.

What we do for these up-and-coming giants of new thinking is take them from relative obscurity, and assist them carefully and strategically to take their place on platforms where they can achieve significant outcomes. They are guided to write excellent manuscripts, which are then produced to the highest quality. Then we help out authors manage their books and talents, enabling them to best share their wisdom, expertise and stories, to bring about change.

We are seeking to sell foreign rights of our authors’ titles in 2019.

Sarah Jefford – Surrogate and Lawyer

Sarah speaks regularly on issues of donor conception and altruistic surrogacy. Through her work and advocacy, she promotes best practice altruistic surrogacy arrangements, the best interests of children and the bodily autonomy of women.
Drawing on her experiences as an IVF mum, egg donor, surrogate and lawyer, Sarah wrote More Than Just a Baby: A Guide to Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates. She says the idea for the book came shortly after she gave birth as a surrogate. “I felt so many powerful and amazing emotions and wondered whether what I was feeling was normal. I remember thinking ‘there really should be a book about this.’ So, I wrote that book.”

Kathy Rees – Auditing Specialist

Kathy Rees started her journey into becoming an Auditor when she was asked a simple question asked while conducting a training session. “Kathy, what are your thoughts on people with disabilities being fed bread and water (as a form of punishment).”
Read how this started a chain of events and questioning about the role of auditing in helping to bring about positive change and experiences across a range of industries. Kathy Rees challenges the status quo of this lack of emotional intelligence and common sense in regards to the role of auditors with great stories, humour and honesty.

This book will make you think, and rethink everything you thought you knew about the profession of auditing.

“Rainer Petek demonstrates in mountains, leadership and life that dealing with uncertainty with calm and strength is the only goal”

Alan Weiss, Phd

Rainer Petek, CSP  – Mountain Guide & Global Leadership Expert

In our world right now, in a vacuum of direction and confidence, we are all seeking out leaders who can master uncertainty. Rainer Petek’s book is a perfect metaphor for where we find ourselves trying to climb forward to a brighter future. But with an overhanging rock ledge above and a deep open fatal chasm below. Welcome to leadership in the post pandemic world. This book is a perfect metaphor for where we find ourselves trying to climb forward to a brighter future. But with an overhanging rock ledge above and a deep open fatal chasm below. Welcome to leadership in the post pandemic world.

Dr Gary ‘Koala’ Leong – Ride to Life Autor and Founder of the 2020 Family Health Challenge, Australia

Dr Gary ‘Koala’ Leong is a paediatric endocrinologist who specialises in treatment of children suffering with obesity and diabetes and its complications. Gary loves working with kids and their families to help them work towards and enjoy healthier, happier lives. Ride to Life is a book targeting how to help families dealing with childhood obesity and it’s many accompanying challenges to learn how to eat, play, exercise and grow together. Gary is also the founder of the 2020 Family Health Challenge.

‘No amount of training can prepare you for what happens in your head after the uniforms are off and the guns are packed away.’


Military, PTSD, Mental Health

The haunting wilderness of the Chihuahuan Desert provided the perfect backdrop for a desperate man in Texas illegally to strike terror into the heart of a single mother living alone in Terlingua. Jayson Woodward documents her efforts to stay alive over the fourteen tortuous hours, showing the incredible strength of a woman determined to outwit her captor and live long enough to tell the story.


True Crime, Memoir, Biography Women

Dedicated to changing the way we learn and how teachers teach, Karen Tui Boyes is globally recognised as a passionate educator of the habits of mind. She is also New Zealand Educator of the Year and Speaker of the Year, and a multi-award winning presenter on the subject of how we teach and learn in the 21st century.


Education, Study Skills, Teaching Methods

The Naked Speaker is a must have book if you intend to speak in public. It is full of easy to use tips and techniques that will greatly improve your confidence, your delivery and your ability to have your message resonate with your audience. This is one of those special books that you wish you had read 20 years ago… but you didn’t. So read it today!’ David Nottage, World Champion of Public Speaking


Public Speaking, Meetings and Presentations

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Self-Publishing: How to write, publish and leverage your business book is Ann Dettori Wilson’s first book, and has led to her speaking on book production and technical aspects of publishing throughout Australia. She is also owner of Post Pre-press Group and Independent Ink, and co-founder of Indie Experts.


Publishing, Self Publishing, Small Business

An Englishman’s story of accidentally creating a multi-award-winning, boutique, organic winery in Bordeaux, while running a petrochemical plant in South Australia and cracking the New York restaurant market. David Stannard, ‘The Vision Guy’, speaks throughout Australia and New Zealand about his business journey. 


Agriculture, Wine, Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Small Business

As The Word Witch, Dixie Carlton speaks and writes about business and ‘Taboo Conversations’, and is co-founder of Indie Experts. She is a multi-award-winning business person, author, and international speaker.


Small Business, Publishing, Marketing, Sexuality, Communication

In Small Company Big Business, Bronwyn Reid packs shares slices of experience, advice and lessons learned. She is not afraid to talk about how some of her big dreams were sabotaged by lack of information, the right contacts, contracts, or appreciation of the differences between small successful businesses and big business.


Entreprenuership, Small Business, Leadership

Stick it to Depression is a new book by GP Dr Alexander Joannou dealing with the complex issue of using accupuncture as part of a doctor’s range of tools for treating depression. Written specifically with the intention of opening up this topic to medical doctors, an accompanying book targeted at patients is due in November.


Medical, Acupuncture, Healing, Self Help

Written with Cat’s unique, hard hitting humour, 21 Hacks covers seven areas  of life including the mind, environment, health, time and work.

This is the first of a seven-book series with additional self care journals due for release in time for the Christmas 2019 market. The next two titles are aimed at midlifers and students. 


Self Help, Motivation, Inspiration


What do you think you’d find if you ‘unpacked’ yourself?  A scary thought for some, but not for one author and mentor who has done just that. With what she calls a ‘conscious review midway through life, Angie Hammond dissects herself in an interesting and rather confronting way in her newly published book Unpacking.


Motivation, Memoir, Coming of Age, Midlife