The pros and cons of working with a ghostwriter are best considered early in your journey towards becoming an authority. It’s easy to get frustrated as a writer, and you might think it would be easier to just hire a ghostwriter but you still have to do a lot of the work yourself – even if you work with a great ghostwriter.

This is a matter of delegating to a vital team member,
not abdicating your role in
the development of your book!

For non-fiction authors, you have to ensure your own voice is well embedded in your written words. A good ghostwriter can work with your training programs, blogs, videos and other content you’ve written, and turn this into a book. The trick is ensuring the manuscript is written in your voice.

What if someone else could write your book for you?

Two options for working with an Indie Experts ghostwriter 

  1. We spend some time working on your ideas, develop a book plan, and instead of you writing your weekly chapters, you engage in a weekly interview with our ghostwriter to ensure that each chapter is written according to the agreed plan.
  2. You write the draft and then engage our ghostwriter to help polish your raw material and get it ready for editing.

Either way, you still need to be prepared to spend some regular time contributing to your manuscript and then being involved in the process of developing it through production and publishing.

Our process is easy

If you would like to explore having an Indie Experts ghostwriter work with you on your manuscript – here’s how it works:

  1. We meet online to discuss your project, and what level of input you would need, and what your purpose is around having this book created.  This is usually an hour or longer to establish the plan going forward.
  2. We assign your writer to your project – we have a couple of options depending on your topic, and when you want your first draft completed by.
  3. You will meet with your ghostwriter weekly to discuss content for the relevant chapter. Once written this chapter is then shared with you for comment and any necessary adjustments made.
  4. The manuscript is completed to first draft level you have a chance to read the entire manuscript and make modifications and additions.
  5. The finishing touches are added to the content – often a beta reader is engaged at this point – and then the manuscript first draft is completed and made ready for an editor.

Because the structure is usually well defined from the start, through the planning stage, the editing is generally quite straightforward, but still in depth and very thorough.

Your next steps:

At that point you have the choice of finishing the draft yourself and making the manuscript ready for your production phase, or you can engage your ghostwriter and the rest of the team at Indie Experts to continue the process of taking the book through the finishing, polishing, production and publishing stages of creating your book.

What does it cost?

Your investment in securing a ghostwriting service ranges from $0.35 – $0.75 per finished (first draft) word up to ensuring the manuscript is ready for the editor. We require a 30% deposit, plus the balance paid in 3 equal payments over the expected 4 months to delivery of your first draft.

Our ghostwriters are professional, experienced, and this is a high quality service. We have the entire publishing process in mind from the start, and have worked with editors and production team specialists, so know how to secure the best of your content and deliver it in a way that you will be excited about. Our author coaching  also plays a big role in this process, and our top ghostwriters are also highly qualified coaches who can work with you beyond just writing a great manuscript. Our ghostwriters also come with testimonials and reviews of the books they have worked with and are made available on request.

If you would like to explore this further…

A dedicated process of discovery about your project, your writing and publishing ideals, and a comprehensive quote is not something we do as a free service. We charge an up front fee of  $250, but if you proceed with this option, this will be credited towards your deposit.