I wrote a book – but now what?


If you’ve written your book, it has been professionally edited and designed, and it is totally ready for publication, then we can:

1) Assist with finalising files,

2) Uploading to Amazon and IngramSpark,

3) Developing a strategy for getting your book into the hands of your readers and the wider market to best suit your overall objectives.

 Keep reading to learn all about how we can help.

 If you’ve finished your manuscript, but haven’t yet had any professional editing or design work done, head back to this page to learn what’s left to do and why.



Amazon Boost Service

If you’ve published your book but you are unsure about uploading, or you’ve already uploaded and have seen that it’s underperforming on Amazon or not available where you hoped it would be (i.e. Book Depository, Nook, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc.), we can help. We’ll start by re-launching your book, and reviewing all the listings and descriptions. We will also provide some guidance around using your social media to give it a good boost.

This also includes checking your keywords and categories, working on getting you some reviews, and monitoring your progress over a couple of weeks to drive your book up through the rankings on Amazon. We’ll also train you in reading your reports and continue to nudge your book along on a regular basis.

Our fee for this starts at $1,500 for your first book. If you have some additional titles, we can include these for a further $850 each if done collectively.

Learn more about our Amazon Boost service right here.

Please note – as part of our ongoing commitment to working with high-quality authors and books, we have a selection process for our Amazon Boost service.  



Let’s not assume anything – yet!

If you’ve written your book and think it’s ready for the production and publication stage, but it has not yet had a professional review or been properly edited, we need to start at the beginning – because your book may not yet be ready for anything.

 Think of it this way: a child who is is still learning to read is not ready for Harvard. An unbroken horse is not ready to pull the Queen’s carriage. And Wilbur Wright could not fly a Spitfire, let alone a Boeing 747.

So let’s review what you’ve got, where you’re up to and what you’re trying to achieve. Then, with that perspective, we’ll work on a specific plan for you and your book. We’ll start with an invitation to send us some information; then we’ll request a time for talking about your book and your aspirations for it, and then work out a plan. If we’re unable to assist you, we will still be able to point you towards a range of other solutions to help you achieve your dreams.

A review of your manuscript is typically $350–$750.

This includes a meeting to discuss and quote your options. 

Please complete the following form:

We’ll send a quote based on information provided and advise how best to get your manuscript to us – in either Word or PDF format.  Reviews take 7-10 days. 

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