At last … a program that DOES NOT promise you a book in less than a month!


The most misunderstood aspect of writing non-fiction books is that many authors think it’s easy, and can take only a couple of weeks to churn out a good manuscript to help market their expertise.

It is possible to write a book in under a month. 

I know – I’ve done it – twice!  But I’ve written well over 20 books now, and know how to gather my information, create a solid writing plan, and how to harness my best creative time and skills to write efficiently. But the first draft is also not the finished manuscript – it takes time to flesh out your content and refine it into a polished well written manuscript.  The reality for most authors, is that taking time to learn how to write a GREAT manuscript is a much better use of their time, and here’s why:

  • Your reader enjoyment will be better.
  • Your contents will be richer.
  • Your book is more likely to be read to the end.
  • Your readers can be better managed to take action after they finish your book.

And isn’t that the whole point?

We have identified some common, simple mistakes that are so easy to avoid, but often authors don’t know they are making these costly errors until they are finished, or facing a Manuscript Rescue.  So let’s talk about these.

Because we don’t want you to Rush this…

Introducing the Manuscript Mastery Introduction Webinar

Join Dixie and Ann on the 11th February for a FREE conversation about these 5 simple mistakes and how you can avoid them.

We will share many secret insights…

  • Into how our authors books become award winning, highly functional, and enjoyable books that really do work hard for them.
  • About how two weeks of strategic planning can help you easily write a more powerful manuscript in less than 3 months.
  • Into what the 10 steps are to writing a solid manuscript and then turn it into a hard working book.
  • What you need to do for your authors after you write and publish your book.

Knowing what to avoid and how to structure your book before you start can help you with easier and less extensive editing, and assist you to stay motivated to finish your manuscript quickly and efficiently.

Writing a book does not have to take a year or more, and it can be a very enjoyable experience.

Join in the conversation with Ann and Dixie.

Is it really that hard to write a book without a coach or mentor?

Well in most things, to do something well it takes help and guidance, unless you are a die-hard DIY type who insists on re-learning everything.

We have a bespoke one-on-one coaching service that helps non-fiction authors get their best content out of their heads in turned into books. But that means our time and resources are often limited. So we came up with a way to help more authors in 2021, and have called it Manuscript Mastery. Because your first steps in the Authority Journey are to write a great manuscript.

Mastering your ability to do this means learning from what we know works and writing to a good plan. Our methods have been tested and refined over 16 years, and hundreds of authors. Many are award winning, best selling, high performing authors with books that have impact and influence. Starting in January, for up to 6 authors, we can assist your planning and manuscript development over 15 weeks.

Here’s the lowdown on how this works:

1) Starting 11th March – with 3–4 hours of advance homework.

2) A maximum of 6 authors. Some one-to-one sessions with Dixie, some group training sessions on Zoom and access to all the online resources and training materials you need.

3) You will get feedback on your writing as you go – and you will need to commit to 2–3 hours per week for the 15 weeks.

This program is jam packed with resources, tools, templates, and tried and tested methods that we can guarantee. There are also thousands of dollars in bonus resources. This program is valued at $15,000 – but you wont be paying anything close that that.

Are you ready to join our list of  award winning authors in 2021?

If you would like to be considered for our March Manuscript Mastery sessions, our bespoke programs, or just want more information, please complete the contact form, with a brief message.  All applicants will be sent a FREE download of our latest book – Authority Island. We’ll be in touch to guide you through all your options.