If you’re a professional expert who shares content via stages or pages  then you need to have clarity around your content, a plan for what to share, understand the power of stories that matter, and how to best incorporate these into your content plan. Whether you’re already an author, or contemplating a book as part of your authority journey, you’ll need guidance and objective perspectives around this, and we’re here to help with that. 

Part of your journey as an authority includes:

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Social media updates and extension
  • Speaking development – training, keynotes, marketing
  • Resource creation – new tools and ideas to share
  • Building a following and a database

Essentially, this is about all the additional things you need to do to engage with, sell to, and get yourself and your content into the hands of those who need your expertise. So, we’ve created a few options to help you continue to achieve positive outcomes as the authority in your field of expertise.

How It Works

As someone who has already invested a lot into getting to this point with regards your platform skills, being a commercially viable experts on stages and pages, then you’ll know that this is a constantly changing journey, and the landscape gets rocky at times.  So when you work with Dixie as your Expert Extension Guide, you’ll find the terrain a lot easier to navigate.

We will work through the Indie Experts Marketing Plan that includes identifying where you can be a guest presenter, what handouts and calls to action you’ll need, the biggest fears, frustrations, desires and needs your market has and how you can be a shining light in their world with what you have to offer. This takes time, and we have extensive resources to help you set targets and stay on track with these things. This is the ADVANCED level of coaching for experts and for that reason, a minimum of 12 sessions over 3 or 6 months is required.

The VIP Extension Plan

$1,500.00 per month + GST

Working through the entire Indie Experts Marketing Plan, with 4-6 hours coaching one-on-one with Dixie, plus access to all our coaching resources, as well as extra assistance if/when needed. This is hands on, intensive, and yes you’ll have homework to do. But you’ll love what we can achieve together. 

Option 2:

$450 per month (+GST)

2 x 45–60 minute sessions with Dixie per month, starting with a 90 minute intensive strategy to ensure you are focused on what you want to achieve, the tools and resources you need, and a plan to get you there. Plus access to all the resources we have available for you to tap into and access to our specialists as/when/if you need them. Minimum 6 months, including time to work through the Indie Experts Marketing Plan.

Option 3: 

$250 per month (+ GST)

1 x 45–60 minute session with Dixie per month, starting with a light strategy session of 45–60 minutes to recap where you’re up to, set some targets and intentions and identify what you need most to get you there. You’ll also have access to all the resources and tools we can share with you, as well as access to our specialists as/when/if you need them. Note: This option does not include working through the Indie Experts Marketing Plan. 

Note:  The strategy sessions are in addition to the actual coaching sessions, included in your fees, and a new strategy session every 3 months to ensure you are focused on the big  picture as well as the short term goals to get you there.

Got a BIG  project and need extra help?

We can customise anything to suit your needs. Maybe it’s an update of an older book, a total refresh of your marketing strategy, a key event coming up you need extra help thinking out, refining, and developing. Creating a training program, preparing for a special training or keynote presentation, or just mapping out your next book. Talk to us anytime about what you need.  

Maybe You Need a Ghost Writer?

Understanding how to work with a ghost writer for content development starts with a conversation about what you need, what your own skills are that need development or support and identifying what you’re trying to achieve.  Please view the service page about Ghost Writing to understand this better, and then let’s talk about how we can best help in this area.

Many specialists are surprised at what can be achieved using a ghost writing service, and often it becomes a very powerful way to bring our your own best content that you are still part of writing and developing.  Hint: you may find you need a coach more than you need a ghost!

You’re EXTRA Special!

Here’s the thing… you are sitting on this page of this website because you were directed here specially by Dixie or Ann. That means you’re already pre-qualified to skip past a lot of the usual vetting we do for things like discovery sessions and form filling.  Instead, we’d like to invite you to just reach out to Dixie using this Time Trade option for a chat. 

Or you can email dixie@indieexperts.com.au – and put Mastermind VIP Option in the subject line.

This also means you get a whole value packed hour of my time talking through what you need totally FREE.