Welcome to The Indie Expert’s Library and Book Store

Here we have a special collection of our own authors’ books, and a handful of those we also helped foster and develop over the years.

We are celebrating the launch of this very special platform that gives you the reader, more control, more features, boasts ‘much more mmmn’ when you access and read these books. This is a new, radically improved option for how you can read, listen to, and enjoy Ebooks, audio books and podcasts.  We invite you to experience a book of your choice from those we represent in our Library and Book store, and to get you started, offer a discount code for your first visit.

3 important points about this platform:

1) You do not need to download any additional software or APPs to access these books and read them on any phone, tablet, or computer.

2) You subscribe and read or listen to anything available, or if there’s only one book you’re after, then you can just buy or download that if you wish.

3) You can read, listen to, notate, highlight, and even translate text as you wish and if you like something, you can easily share it with others who may like it too.

Here’s a brief overview of how it all works:

Here’s your 50% discount CODE so you can jump in and enjoy reading your first book – and some books are even offered FREE.

 Your Discount Code is Case Sensitive:  IEXINTRO