Please join us… let’s talk about writing, marketing, or getting leverage on your book idea

  • Not sure where to start but know there’s a lot of learning involved?
  • Maybe you’re still at that thinking stage of your book project.

Where ever you are at with your book project, you will get a LOT out of coming along to our FREE Authority Masterclass.  You’ll get to bring your questions or post them in advance, and learn about some of the massive learning curves that are part of the Authority Journey.

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We know through working with hundreds of authors just how frustrating this process can be. How much money can be wasted and time poured away when you have just plunged in and written your book without knowing some of these things. So let’s get together and pull the blinkers off the hidden parts of this process.

The next version of this masterclass is happening in June.  Register now, and you can easily come along to any of these future events too – you can attend as often as you like.

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If you can’t make the live event, then you need to just message us directly and advise a better time for you so we can consider a second option.  Just leave a comment below.



Our NEXT dates are:

  • 17th June
  • 15th July
  • 19th August
  • 16th September

These events are FREE and not recorded. But if you have registered you are welcome to also use the link posted in the follow up email and enjoy the bonus material and offers.

A few things to think about while you wait for the next FREE Authority Masterclass to come round….