We’re not just about creating books, and publishing stories  – although we do a lot of that. We’re about helping to transform the world, one book, one author, one transition at a time.  Our authors are trailblazers. Game changers who want to inspire change, better thinking, innovation, connection, or radical re-invention of their industries, and so we help them do that by working with them, first on their books, then directing and guiding them to get leverage on those books. Often that means they do a lot more than ‘write and publish a book’, so we’d like to introduce you to some of the extraordinary people we work with – in no particular order.

(Note:  Some of these books we have created from the start of the idea and gone all the way through to launch, and some we’ve been involved with at various levels but not necessarily all.)

Click on any of these links to visit the author’s own websites for more information.

David Stannard – AKA The Vision Guy, Author of the Paradise Rescued Series Jayson Woodward – author of Borderline, and The Heart Remembers Jo Hassan is the author of Full Circle Leonie Freeman is the author of Ready Set Grow Bill Blaikie – Back from the Brink Rod Large – The Other F Word Angie Hammond – Unpacking Linda Guirey – Reflections in the Face of Change Terry Williams – Live Work Love, and Two Dangerous Things Adrian Easdown – That Bad Review Karen Tui Boyes – Study Smart Lindsay Adams – DNA of Business Relationships Dixie Carlton – The Taboo Conversation, Idea to Authority, and Advertising, Branding, Marketing 101 Brydon Davidson – Business Essentials for SMEs Kirsty Salisbury – a Life by Design