Welcome to Indie Experts – In Other Words

The Podcast for Trailblazers, Rebels, and Change-makers. Experts and Authorities who are changing the world, one book, story, author at a time.

Most authors of Non-Fiction experience a range of expensive learning curves when starting a book, then understanding what it takes to get their book(s) to help them leverage their expertise. 
Our authors are presemting on conference and TedX stages, in boardrooms, and forums,  sharing their wisdom and expertise as an extension of what started as a book idea. 
We take them from that initial idea and help them to navigate their way through the complex journey of becoming ‘Indie Experts’ who speak, write, train, and inspire by sharing what they know.

Our mission is to enlighten, educate, and extend the knowledge that non-fiction authors need to be able to really get leverage on their ideas, and their wisdom.  
It’s about understand the journey from Idea to Authority.

Jules Brooke – Handle your own PR

There is a fundamental difference between getting good attention for your podcast and being a turnoff to journalists. Discover where to direct your media targeting and how to spin a good lure for real enquiry.

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Is Your Book Suited to Becoming an Online Program

You already created a book...  that was a big job! Now you want to create an online program? Before you do that, have a listen to what Course Commander creator Jonathan  Callinan has to say about the best ways to do this and the pitfalls and traps to avoid.  How do...

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Podcast Episode – Work to a Solid Writing Plan

How do you get from manuscript to published, so you can start marketing yourself as an expert? Join best selling author and manuscript development coach, Dixie Carlton, for this short message on how to ditch perfectionism as you're writing your manuscript, work to a...

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Cat Coluccio – Using Facebook Groups to Promote Your Book

Building a great profile online is about engagement, connection, and visibility. Cat Coluccio has been working on her Facebook Group marketing for several years, and uses Groups in ways many authors may not have even thought about. She shares her secrets to having...

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