Welcome to Indie Experts – In Other Words

The Podcast for Trailblazers, Rebels, and Change-makers. Experts and Authorities who are changing the world, one book, story, author at a time.

Most authors of Non-Fiction experience a range of expensive learning curves when starting a book, then understanding what it takes to get their book(s) to help them leverage their expertise. 
Our authors are presemting on conference and TedX stages, in boardrooms, and forums,  sharing their wisdom and expertise as an extension of what started as a book idea. 
We take them from that initial idea and help them to navigate their way through the complex journey of becoming ‘Indie Experts’ who speak, write, train, and inspire by sharing what they know.

Our mission is to enlighten, educate, and extend the knowledge that non-fiction authors need to be able to really get leverage on their ideas, and their wisdom.  
It’s about understand the journey from Idea to Authority.

Louise Williams – Author head-shots and branding

Meet Louise Williams, photographer and branding specialist! How do you get ready for a photo session when you're an author?  There's a special kind of preparation and forethought authors should consider doing when faced with the task of getting in front of a camera...

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Lindsay Adams – Authors Who Speak Professionally

Author of the DNA of Relationships, Lindsay Adams OAM ,is also a Certified Speaking Professional, Global Speaking Fellow, and has 20+ years experience at the top end of the  international professional speaking industry. Dixie sat down with him for a chat about the...

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Tanya McQueen – Creating a Video for your Book

Does an author need to also know about video or can they just write what they want to communicate? Let's join the conversation with Tanya McQueen and Master Publishing Coach Dixie Carlton from Indie Experts to talk about the importance of not only creating a good...

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David Stokes – Audio Books for Indie Experts

To Audio or not to Audio that is the question. Join the Indie Experts publishing team as we talk with founder of Author to Audio about what it takes to produce an audio version of your book. Dave answers critical questions about authors voicing their own books, how to...

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Diana Thomson – Turning Your Book into Speeches

How do you expand your book into a high quality keynote or workshop presentation? Master publishing coach Dixie Carlton talks with best selling author of Anyone Can Speak with Confidence Diana Thomson, about going from public speaking to professional speaking about...

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