So, here’s what we talked about…

Disclaimer:  We are working on a new video and webinar but agreed that so far, 2021 was ‘about the same’ as last year, so we’re still sharing what we did then… however – another webinar will be scheduled for late November 2021.  wink  Stay tuned!

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Welcome to your Pop PLanner Experience

With all the features loved by hundreds of happy POPpers since 2017, and a few special new features for 2022.

  • We’ve brought back COLOUR for the first pages
  • Bulk purchase and customised options available
  • Hard cover or Paperback Options
  • Heavier Paper!!! 

The Easiest Way to Get Through Your Week

Well sectioned days, Priority Lists, and spare Doodle Areas on every page, plus Monthly planning, goal setting, and special areas too…

All the features we know you love … we’ve not fiddled with what we know works, just enhanced a few minor details!

Bulk Options Available

Order three or more for FREE P&P (AUS)

PRINT ON DEMAND = No Waiting!  Order your POP Planner and it will arrive on your doorstep within 2 weeks.

Customised Logo & Colours

When you order 10 or more POP Planners


The POP Planner is perfect for busy professionals, especially anyone involved in coaching or mentoring other people.  The easy way to use the pages and keep tabs on all your projects means you stay on top of all your must-have information at the start of every meeting – even if your technology lets you down – as it sometimes does.

Goal Setting has never been easier each year, and with monthly tracking, for both business and personal use.  There’s even a whole section of Health and Wellness, Travel, and Social Media planning.


You can even track your regular habits, diet, and exercise objectives!

Available On Amazon – from November 2022

And most ONLINE book stores | Soft & Hard cover options

Please use the form on this page to inquire about customised options – as your P&P and specific requirements will need to be quoted.

    Price List:

    1x Pop Planner  (SOFT cover) $49.95 +P&P

    1x Pop Planner (Hard Cover) $64.95 +P&P

    • 3 or More SOFT Cover Pop Planners $47.50
    • 3 or more HARD Cover Pops $62.95   
    • (Order 3+ & FREE P&P within Australia)
    • 10+ POP  Planners SC $57.00 each + P&P
    • 50+ POP Planners SC $47.00 each + P&P
    • 100 + POP  Planners SC $35 each + P&P
    • (GST not included)

    Please use ORDER HERE to get 1-2 POP Planners, or for bulk or custom orders use the contact form.


    For advance information on special offers, to request a quote for quantity purchase options, or to find our more about POP Planner affiliate opportunities.