Author Extension

If you are an existing author – here’s how we can assist you to Extend your opportunities, Expose your book (and you) to new markets, and Educate you on trends and resources available to help you.


We’re building a tribe…

If you believe you’re destined to be an Indie Experts Author please book time to talk with us. We’ll guide you through the many amazing opportunities we can make available to you, including exclusive resources, additional services and networking opportunities.

This is where the rubber meets the road, as we like to say. Our Indie Expert Authors are supercharged, and we do everything we can to ensure your total success strategy is mapped out and workable for you. Your talent will be developed – polished up like a 24-carat diamond – and you’ll be ready for anything in this business of being a highly sought-after trailblazer.

Our services here include:

Branding, photography, developing your work into courses and workshops, book(s), speaker packs, media and online marketing, public relations, web and social media polishing, and of course writing, developing and publishing your book. Whatever it takes to develop you and your book so that your book works harder to achieve more.  

At this level, you’ll be working closely with Dixie and Ann over at least a year. Some of our clients have been with Dixie for several years and are on their third or fourth books.

The rest of the team comes in to be part of the overall package too. You’ll have priority access to some of the very best consultants, product developers and marketing experts as part of your total extension services. You’ll also have the option of working with event managers for speaking events you create, and producing workbooks and material that sets you apart at conventions. And you’ll have representation for your book(s) at international book fairs – under the prestigious banner of INDIE EXPERT AUTHOR – where we’ll seek foreign rights and distribution opportunities on your behalf.

Our objective is to ensure you are getting booked to speak, making money from your book(s), developing more products, and securing great media and online marketing exposure. But this is not an overnight thing. If you are ready to focus on the big picture, you’re going to love being part of our tribe – and we’re delighted to have you here! So let’s get to the extra value stuff we reserved just for you.

Are you ready to become an Indie Expert? Contact us today!

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