Options for ‘What’s Next’

We believe that the book is just the start towards the path of becoming known as an authority in your industry, an industry expert, a leader in your field, trailblazing game-changer – or however you wish to refer to yourself as an author of non-fiction. We work with you on the Before, During and After the writing and publishing a book.

  • Before – you develop your manuscript and define your why.
  • During – you produce your manuscript and turn it into a book – or perhaps a range of products. 
  • After – you get leverage on being an authority! 

As outlined in other parts of our website and marketing materials, the path towards writing and producing is fairly straightforward and we have many resources for helping you to do this. It is the process after you’ve produced your book, and you’ve launched it, that leaves many authors scratching their heads wondering, ‘well, what’s next, where to from here?’.

To support you in this ongoing journey we have created a range of options for you to tap into our management series where we support you and offer help along the way in all the areas you may need to continue your path as an authority.

Management Subscription

THREE options – where we continue to care for you, manage your book(s) and make this side of your life easier.

Option 1 – Blue – $69 per month

Valued at $1500 (Please note – online courses are being revamped and relaunched Mid May 2020)

You’ll get access to our Monthly Webinars – which are aimed at ensuring you are kept up to date with trends, how to and where to find the best options for writing, marketing, promoting, and developing content.

Access to exclusive online resources – we have an Author Extension Resources room that is loaded with great tools and helpful things to ensure you are able to develop your knowledge and abilities to author great books and get leverage on these.  This also includes a full year subscription to our Three Part Online Program for the before, during, and after parts of writing, publishing, and marketing a non-fiction book. (This course is your DIY option for how to write, produce, and publish  your Non-Fiction book, with bonus material about how to market yourself and your book.)

We estimate the value of this level to be easily north of $1500 per year – but for you, $69.00 per month – and you are welcome to upgrade to GOLD if you wish to. BLUE options are open to any author, whether we’ve worked with your books directly or not.

Option 2: GOLD – $99 per month

Valued at $4500.00

We are your on-call option for help with any questions you may have for ongoing management of your books on Amazon, IngramSpark, Publica, and any/all distribution options you’re tapped into via Indie Experts.As part of the Indie Experts Gold Tribe you will have full access to our Online Program, our Author Extension Resource Room, and Monthly Webinars.

In addition:

Ongoing help* with any issues that arise with your accounts on:

  • Amazon
  • IngramSpark
  • Draft2Digital or equivalent online e-sellers

Your book will be submitted for Global distribution on:

  • Casemate (Northern hemisphere distribution services Print, Audio)
  • OverDrive (Distribute to libraries and schools worldwide (audio and ebooks)
  • Publica; Indie Experts direct market distribution (audio and ebooks)
  • Includes management of monthly royalty reporting and fees
  • Minor reprint adjustments to your print and digital files also included

Bonus Offers:

  • Access to our specialised Audio Book options in Denmark
  • Invitation to the International Book Fairs (fees to be advised)
  • Invitation to attend our annual events and training/development opportunities.

*Max 2 hours per month

Gold is only optional for authors with whom we have worked on their books, or by application. 

Option 3: Elite Indie Expert – $450 per month

Valued at $10,000 

As an Elite member of our Tribe, you get all of the above, plus coaching, inclusion of your book in the online catalogue pages, representation FREE at the international book fairs, as well as complimentary attendance at any of our events throughout the year.

  • One-hour personal coaching per month
  • Free inclusion to the International Book Fairs **
  • Discounted rates on book production

*Max 2 hours per month

**Guaranteed representation at least one book fair per year

 ELITE is reserved exclusively for authors whose books are produced by Indie Experts

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