Review and Renew

Have you published a book or two that are underperforming? 

What’s Next?

If you are a published author or have more books in mind and find your strategy isn’t actually getting you where you want to be with your branding, your authority or your ability to change the world, we need to review your entire strategy and your work so far to figure out your best way forward.

Let’s review your plan and renew your options: 

You’ll spend time with Dixie and Ann to identify your strengths, what’s working, and where you need to step up or move ahead.

We’ll be able to determine what you’re doing brilliantly, and what you may need to be doing better. This could include any of the following:

  • Retitle or regenerate old books
  • Update or improve your marketing and branding
  • Get more clarity around your real message or purpose
  • Refresh your social media or alter your course in that direction
  • Write more – or share more of what you write now
  • Develop or refresh workshop materials
  • Get more (and better) reviews
  • Shift your focus

These are just some of the things that will come up when we take you through a strategic focus day. What holds most people back is not being able to see the bigger picture. Often when people get on the path towards success as an industry expert, they think they need to keep learning new things and begin to devalue what they already know. Bright shiny objects or new courses and ideas can blind you – especially when they seem to be just what you need to do next. But let’s bring things back to where you really want to end up and figure out the specific tools you need to add to your existing toolbox.

Dixie is a highly trained, multi-award-winning coach and mentor who has also walked through this journey, and understands exactly how hard and frustrating this can be. Ann and Dixie have been successful entrepreneurs in the marketing, publishing and small business worlds in several countries, and bring a wealth of experience to the table to identify what you need and to guide you forward.

 Explore Experts Coaching Options

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 


We’ll also introduce you to some of our collaborative partners who work in areas such as online marketing, digital branding, presentation and speaker development, and workshop development. We know what it takes to get you moving ahead to become a recognised authority and leading brand in your industry – your book is only part of that. Indie Experts is about ensuring you’re well-equipped and on your journey towards becoming an independent industry expert.


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