I’ve just returned from Auckland, New Zealand, where I attended the extraordinary Global Speakers Summit of 2018.   While there, I connected of course with a number of high profile speakers, authors, and several extremely talented Game Changers working in their particular areas of expertise, determinedly changing the world one speech, connection, or radical idea at a time.   It was heady stuff being in surrounded by so many extra-ordinary people, and I learned so much in a short few days.

I have attended the GSS before, and also several of the GSS member country events since 2002.  What I find most fascinating about these events, is the fact that we all have quite varied expertise, and while many authors were there, just as many of them were in the dark about how to really make their books ‘pop’ from the platform.  So I’m going to share a handful of tips I was discussing with people this past weekend and hope you find it helpful next time you’re on stage and have the chance to promote your book(s) or products from the stage – even if you are not supposed to be doing that as part of the speaker deal you agreed to.

Promoting Your Book From the Stage

  1. Get your book on Amazon – ASAP – and do it well.  Ensure you also have an author page, linked to your book, and tell people to follow you there – as well as having a link to that page from your website so anyone visitng your page can immediately see ALL your Amazon featured products.
  2. Get the book you most want to promote for the event you are at, into a top 10 position for the event, so that if anyone seeks it, they will be able to see immediately that you are ranking well for your book- this adds to your credibility.
  3. Create a TINY URL (using Bitly or Tiny URL) so that the very long Amazon link looks less like THIS: https://www.amazon.com/Idea-Author-ity-Publish-Non-Fiction-Business-ebook/dp/B00MVUP53Y/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1519689463&sr=8-1, and more like THIS:  https://tinyurl.com/FI2ABook
  4. Use this URL in your PowerPoint slides and handouts, and tell people you have many notes and resources, available FREE in your book ( the one that is most relevant by topic to the audience/speech du jour)  and direct them to that link, for a limited time – ie 24 or 48 hours only.
  5. Tell your audience that if they would like to grab a copy of your book – free – that you’d also appreciate them taking a few minutes ‘next week’ to review your book on Amazon – because reviews are highly valuable for you as an author, (it’s called Social Proof) and perhaps even offer to run a webinar the following week FREE for those who do post a star rating and reveiw comment… even IF they rate your book poorly for any reason.  Why?  Because this helps them to get busy, take action, and gives them a chance to give you honest feedback – which you can then address and take action on if necessary.
  6. Ensure they know the importance of dropping you a note after posting their review for getting the free webinar details. This helps to ensure you also get their email addresses for remarketing.  You may also like to offer a link to sign up for a special website page where all this is confirmed and clarified in case of any confusion.
  7. Target your promotional links to your book on which ever Amazon country you most wish to have increased rankings in.  There are 12 countries you can do this with.  So example if you are speaking in Australia, link from the Australian Amazon.com.au  if you are speakng in the UK, link from the Amazon.co.uk site.


If you do all of these things well, over that 24-48 hour, or specified date – if your book is set to launch on a specific date – your Amazon rankings and sales will increase for a few days – which is an ideal situation for you in terms of ongoing marketing with Amazon books.  But that’s a topic for another blog.

I know that’s seven steps, and not six easy steps for promoting your book from the stage, but here’s one more BONUS for you:

BONUS tip:  Put the link to your book on the bottom of your emails and send it to everyone who gave you a business card at the event.   And even repeat the FREE day for another 24 hours only a few days later – to help capture more people- and make that a shareable link for people to share if they are talking about you and your presentation to their friends or colleagues after the conference.

This extra surge should offset the spike in sales or downloads giving you a slightly better edge with Amazon’s algorithms, which are set to detect single spikes in activities.

If you need  help with more on Amzon, or to get your book ranking better on Amazon – let me know.