Hi – and welcome to Indie Experts. You’ve been sent here because someone we know in common sent you in this direction because you presumably asked about their experience in writing and publishing a non-fiction book.

As a referred person, you ‘automagically get to the head of the queue’, and the bonus of us waiving our introduction fee* for a 30-45 minute chat with you about your book ideas. Plus, we get to send the person who referred you a special thank you for doing a great rave about us to you. And as 95% of our work comes via referral, we do like to show our appreciation when that happens.

Here’s what you need to know, do, and act on first…


So you can access all that great information you’re seeking about writing and publishing a book.

  • Step 1:  Please fill in the contact form below and be sure to mention who referred you to this page.
  • Step 2: Take about 20-30 minutes to have a look through these links that will help you get an idea of what we do how, and some questions you might want to ask. 
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  • Step 3: Bring any questions you may have to our call – and we’ll help you with as much as we can to get you started in which ever direction you need to go from here.  If that’s working with us in some capacity now or sometime in the future, you’ll at least know what your options are and whether we’re a good fit to work together.

HERE’S A BONUS to also help you get clear on what the journey ahead looks like; we wrote this book for new authors back in 2020, and it’s yours FREE from our Online Library. 

Be sure to please take the time to explain where you’re up to with your book project too. If it’s just an idea or if you’re already well started, that’s helpful for us to know.


*We usually charge $250 for a first meeting with us to fully explore your project but if you have been referred by one of our VIPs, or are a member of any GSF, or PSA association then we will waive this fee.