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We offer support, guidance, and hands-on help through THREE phases of the writing, production, and then the publishing journey for non-fiction authors. We also offer options for Authors who wish to DIY with guidance too.  Please skip to the bottom of this page for those options.

Please also access a copy of our book Authority Island if this is your first experience of writing and publishing a non-fiction book. We  wrote this specifically with you in mind – and we know it will  help answer many of your questions, and some you might not even have thought of yet.

Ten Step Process for Serious Trailblazers

First, we help you plan, then write your book. Then we walk you carefully through the many aspects of creating a published book from your finished manuscript. Finally, we help you navigate all the printing options, get your book uploaded to Amazon, Kindle, Ingram Spark, and ensure that your marketing and online presence support you as an Author-ity Author.

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Step by step, this is how it looks:                     

Phase 1: Writing your manuscript!

For a book that is approximately 20,000–30,000 words – which roughly translates to 10–15 x 1,500–2,500-word chapters – you could complete the writing phase of your content within 12–16 weeks. How long it actually takes depends entirely on you: how comfortable you are as a writer, and how much you are willing to focus on getting the work done each week.

We start with a solid planning session where you’ll experience how the Indie Experts’ Jigsaw Puzzle process helps you to create a plan you can write your book with works – usually about 2-4 hours, plus you will have a bit of homework to do after that. Then, and only then, you start writing, at a pace we agree to and that you commit to from the start.

You will have Dixie to call on as often as you want or need, but we will have a weekly coaching call specifically to keep you focused and moving towards your writing objectives.

You will send in chapters as you go. We’ll review these weekly and start pre-editing them as soon as it’s appropriate to do so. Every author is different, and there are variations as to when and how we provide what kind of feedback. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring you get the content flowing, and then we’ll review what’s written. The majority of the sub-editing is usually held over until you’ve finished the first draft and have had a chance to review your material yourself.

Included in your fees:

  • Editing by a professional book editor*
  • Final edit and proof – before the production phase (another proofing is usually required then)
  • Weekly coaching until your manuscript is completed (30 sessions)
  • The planning session and your writing plan
  • Resources to assist your progress and help you understand your journey as an author

*Some conditions apply to the editing inclusions. Please ask for details

Phase 2: Producing your book!

Once your contents is written, edited and ready for production, we pre-format the book. This is to help you feel like your book is starting to take shape, but also for a number of technical reasons. Then we help you to write any necessary extra information, including the following:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Back cover
  • About the author
  • Foreword/introduction/preface
  • Sales page

From there, you are ready to enlist the support of your beta readers. We assist you with ensuring the manuscript is ready for their input, the right questions are asked, and any final adjustments are made to the contents as needed. Once your pre-formatting and contents are at a polished level we walk you through the review process, where you reach out to other experts and authors in your field for marketing-friendly testimonials for your book. We have specific processes for engaging beta readers and reviewers. Final formatting and cover designs will then be sorted by our expert team, and we start to look more closely at your specific publishing options.

Finally, your book is completed and ready to publish!

Included in your fees:

  • Pre-formatting
  • Final proofing
  • Final formatting and files for uploading to print in both US and Australian sizing
  • Front cover design*
  • Back cover and spine design, and description – with key words

*Up to three sample designs will be produced for you to select from.


Phase 3: Publishing your book!

Once you’re ready to upload to Amazon and Ingram Spark (printed copies), and Kindle and/or Draft 2 Digital (for e-books), we will ensure you have this covered – in some cases we’ll do this part for you, but we will also teach you how to do it yourself. Ultimately, we want to ensure you know how to get back in and update files, read your reports, and organise your Amazon book page and marketing. This is a very hands-on stage, and it’s all about empowering you to not only maximise your Amazon presence (and therefore sales and profiling), but also get the most out of every opportunity to support yourself as a published authority in your field.

Included in your fees:

  • Amazon uploads
  • Amazon training
  • Amazon Author Page creation
  • Ingram Spark upload and walk-through
  • Ingram Spark catalogue listing
  • Teaching you about your online options
  • Full keyword search on your topic
  • Amazon Marketing Services advertising launch campaign management – including a paid AMS campaign for up to 20 days at $5 per day
  • Review of your social media and website, and assistance with any necessary landing page(s)


Fees for each of these stages is based on an initial conversation with you, but an entire three-phase service from start to finish, which will take 6–12 months, is generally dependent on your own efficiency, the size of your book, and a few other variables.

Making it Easy For You:

We have found that the option of a 12 month payment plan works best.  You pay a deposit, then a monthly payment over the 12 months we work with you – then you have the option to extend into other services if you wish along the way, such as marketing you and your book, creating online programs, video, branding and speaker development.  

Please NOTE: Because this is a HANDS ON and very personalised individual service that is also quite comprehensive in terms of delivery (Coaching and Production) we are limited in how many authors we can accommodate at any time. At times we do have waiting lists – and so the more notice you can give us of when you might like to start on your project, the easier we can manage our forward commitments to all our authors. 

If you wish to explore this further, please use our contact form and tell us a little about your book project, ideas for completion and who the book is targeted at so we can set up an initial conversation to discuss this.

Additional notes and opportunities


Our authors are all enrolled into our exclusive Experts Extension Program which aims to connect our VIPs for collaboration and support opportunities, as well as education about the industry of being an expert who writes and speaks about specialist topics.

You will also have the option to receive ongoing assistance for the management of your books and marketing, or to begin work on your next book… The process will be the same if you elect to write another book, but fees will be reduced for subsequent books you write and publish with Indie Experts. The longer you work with us, the less often you’ll need our assistance because we’re all about empowering our clients (and their own expert PAs or marketing teams) to keep producing and developing great content independently. Working with Indie Experts is a learning and mastery opportunity.

Indie Expert Authors are eligible to be part of an exclusive campaign featuring international representation at the London and Frankfurt book fairs.

When you join the Indie Experts stable of authors, we will work to see your books are treated better than ‘just any’ self-published book. We’re committed to ensuring Indie Experts is part of a much bigger picture in terms of non-fiction publishing credibility.

Please note – we do not work with everyone who approaches us. As part of our Indie Experts brand commitment, we do not work with authors who are happy to compromise on the quality of their book’s contents or production.

Authors at Indie Experts are game changers, high calibre authorities – they are independent experts and they’re ready to change the world!

Indie Experts Authors are also eligible to access our ongoing subscription options for management of their books, and more. 

We also have a range of Online programs to guide you through the various stages if you like to DIY. Just click on these images and explore your options.


We’d be surprised if you didn’t have more questions than answers by now. If you’ve read through the information on our site, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed! We’ve assembled our most frequently asked questions for you here, but feel free to use the form below to book some one-on-one time, too.

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