Welcome and thank you for taking a chance on us, and subscribing to our updates.  First, we’d like to share with you a brief report.  Because we meet so many authors, and get to experience the angst and frustration shared by those who have fallen into these various traps, our primary objective here is to help you to avoid those patches of ‘author quicksand’ and get you thinking hard around what you can do to get your book off to a great start, even before you start writing it.

1: Not thinking about their market, their readers.

This is marketing 101 – who do you want to reach. Why, and why should they care about what you have to share?  Who are they, where do they hang out, and what do they invest their time, money or attention on?  You need to know these things in order to create a good call to action for when the finish the book you are writing.

2: Not having a plan for what content to write.

If you spend some time planning what content to share, where it goes, how it flows, and how you wish to best present it you will develop a writing plan you can use. This is about ensuring you share the right amount of information, with appropriate levels of content, in a book that is not too long, and not too short. Where chapters are of consistent length, and the relevance of your content is well explained in ways your readers want to get that information.  Some authors come to us having already written a manuscript that is missing vital points, or that over or under describes things. Some books are far, far too long – and in reality can easily be two or three books.  A series maybe.

3: Not treating their book project as a ‘project’.

Like any project, this requires not only a plan, but also KPI’s, points of reference and completion along the way, and a solid overview of what the finished project looks like.  Treating their book writing project as a well designed project, requires that you follow points 1 and 2 – understanding your market, and having a plan. Don’t just ‘sit down and start to write’.

4: Not having a good call to action for readers when they finish their book.

Do you want to start a movement, change the way people think?  What do you want to have happen as a result of writing this book?  Decide that at the start, and then you’ll know what kind of calls to action to put into your book. Not just at the end, but in the content itself. You need to guide your readers to take action as soon as they finish the book. Action that means you get to further engage with them in some way.

5: Not knowing how to get their book to their readers hands from the start.

Marketing a book is not like selling toothbrushes, or a time share vacation.  You need to focus on using the book for building your own brand, and enhancing your current marketing profile, but also going back to point number 1, you need to know who and where your market is.  There are 5 keys of authority mastery we talk about in the Authority Island book – you need to know these well enough to use them all well, often with the help of experts.

BONUS: Not using the power of story telling.

The 6th most common mistake that Non-Fiction authors make is failing to use the power of stories in their content.  Stories make the facts sticky.  That’s why we’ve used story telling for thousands of years.  We remember a story far better than we recall facts and figures.  Allowing a story to convey information keeps your readers engaged, and gives a much better chance of finishing the book. That is what you want if you have a clear and well thought out Call to Action.  Again, this is about the first two points here.  You have to know your market, to share the best kind of stories for them, to plan your contents, including the stories you’ll share, and to consider your reasons for writing your book and what you want to have happen when people read it.

These SIX most common mistakes authors make are expensive ones. They can negatively impact on your cost of editing, loss of sales and good reviews, and make the entire project of writing and producing a book so much harder.

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