If you are here because you’re part of the Rocking Midlife Summit – welcome…. please grab a seat, pour a cool glass or warm cup of something and indulge in some quiet time.  We’re here to talk about sharing stories and writing books.

Once upon a time there were two wise women – in another age they may have been called witches, crones, or sages.  Whatever the name, these women knew the power of storytelling by women, for women. Actually they also worked a lot with wizards and noble blokes, but this page is for the girls.  Ann and Dixie have been developing story telling as a powerful medium for more than 15 years – helping hundreds of books to be written, created, produced, published and then shared with the world. Some of those authors have been best sellers, award winners, and celebrated wise women and men too.

They also wrote a book or two themselves – and last year, released a tale outlining the various experiences of three different types of author, which you can access right now – FREE: Authority Island

Then they decided to assist many authors who they can’t work with directly for a variety of reasons to access their brilliant planning your book process so they can get started quickly and easily using proven methods of getting content out of minds and onto pages for their markets. Dixie and Ann are also available to work directly with authors who need one-on-one input for their entire Before, During and After (they write a book) authority journey.

If you’re not sure what you need just yet, then here’s a couple of insight videos into what we’d love to share with you about publishing, and if you skip below, we’ve a special invite for you to join us on an upcoming Authority Masterclass.


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