I was asked this week to comment on the following email by the wife of a client, and so I’ve tried to simplify the response as best I can while ensuring the gist of the information is as clear as possible. You see there really is a formula for growing your database, getting and engaging with new clients, and getting the ball rolling in terms of:

  • Read the article
  • Visit the website
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Autoresponders with more engagement
  • Send ongoing news and information of value and interest.

Here’s what she wrote (Q:), with my responses (A:) in italics:

Q:I’ve made some changes to my website to jazz it up a bit and I now need some help understanding my options for loading/distributing new articles/quotes/videos/etc online and directly to my database.

A: Ok – there’s a pretty simple formula for this…  1) Upload the articles into LI, as a variation of a ‘blog’ or article post in your website… maybe an extended version on the website and so a ‘for more on this, click here’ at the bottom of the LI version.  That directs to your website.

Q: I only want to use my website, Linkedin and a “newsletter” type distribution to my mailing list.

A: So you’ll need to also dangle a pretty good hook for visitors to your site to get them to sign up on your Mail Chimp database.   Again it’s a bit of a formula.  Simple version is this:  Have a ‘video, white paper, report, checklist or something of perceived good/high value’ for readers to want enough to give you their email address for.  They sign up, they go to a landing page which they can download the ‘thing’ from, then they get a download link. 

A follow up email is then ideal so that they can be reminded of what great   value you have to offer – another freebie is good to send a few days after that… then ensure they get a regular flow of newsletters etc to maintain their enthusiasm for your stuff.

Q:  I have in my mind that I’d load new content onto the Blog page of my website, send out a “newsletter” pointing people to that content and somehow link Linkedin to that content but I don’t know if this is the best idea and how all this can work without too much effort each time I want to add new material.  In case you need to know, my website is on Wix.

A:  I’ve no experience with Wix, only WP, and with WP it’s all very easy to integrate.   The FREE option of a WIX site might not be in your best interests, as my understanding is that it lacks some of the simplicity and overall capability of WP via all the WP plugins etc.  

Hope that all helps.. the key to this is ensuring you have a a good couple of freebies, good database management of autoresponders etc, and quality follow on efforts to engage. LI is really great for getting people to like your articl and click to your website for more of you and the incentive waved under their noses to sign up.

I know that from the number of inquiries I get about this that there are a lot of people scratching their heads over how to do this.   I’m not saying its always easy, and can take some serious time, effort, and a solid focus to get the results you want, but it can return fantastic results, and long term, you want to engage with your fans.

I hope you’re finding this helpful too, and if you want to turn your freebies, or your stories that can become great ebooks or books that sell (and work hard as part of your marketing strategy) then let me know – happy to help.