Indie Experts are proud to be supporters of the inaugural Global Speakers Summit Author-ity Award 2020.

In late 2019 we proposed a way to celebrate and encourage the professional speakers industry members who do a great job of writing, publishing, and marketing their books. This led to our being part of the process of identifying and selection of entries resulting in one final winner. Dozens of entries were reduced to a top FIVE by way of a leader board system.  Our finalists’ books were then put in front of New Zealand best selling author and Next Magazine founding editor, Lindsey Dawson.

The assessment criteria was based on the following:

Size of book – ideal size being 120-200 pages for topic specific non-fiction. Formatting and design (including): cover, subtitle and title, and the quality of the editing and proofing as well as readability and anything of extra interest in the layout. Use of colour, start and end bonus content in chapters,  referencing, and  how well the authors’ profiles were relevant to their speaking and training work. How well Authors’ books were made available across a range of platforms, such as Amazon, and other sales options.  We also assessed author’s on how well their Amazon Profiles and listing held up against a predetermined benchmark; reviews and ratings;  and what other versions of their book are available, including foreign rights, audio, and derivative products. Reviews were important – these included those found on Amazon and Goodreads, but also any from media or or peer reviewers. We were also interested in any success enjoyed with  international or national media channels and how well the media might have been promoting the author and their book. We also wanted to see the alignment between a professional speaker’s speaking and training, or coaching work, and their book. The professional speaking industry and authoring of non-fiction go hand in hand in many ways. We were interested in the overall  congruence with the level of authority they had in their specialist area. The winning entries were a mix of self published and traditionally published work,from authors based in Australia, Singapore, and Canada/USA. Lynne Cazaly was announced as the Author-ity Award Winner for 2020 at the Global Speakers Federation Summit Dinner in Namibia on Saturday 23 February. The award comes with a $20,000 publishing grant towards her next book.

Winning Entry

ISH by Lynne Cazaly

ISH and the Changing Practice of Good Enough is Lynne’s 6th book. An international professional speaker, she is a recognised expert in new ways of thinking and working. Lynne  is also well known for her humour, straight talk and highly practical skills and insights working with business leaders and project teams. This book challenges our endless pursuit of perfection and offers helpful alternatives towards making great progress and achieving what you really want in life. First released in October 2018, it is currently enjoying its fifth reprint. You can find out more about Lynne at www.lynnecazaly.com   You can find out more about the Global Speakers Federation at www.globalspeakersfederation.net