The Publishing 3.0 Webinar Series

Because we’re constantly keeping up with what’s happening in the world of non-fiction publishing, marketing, and how to get leverage on your expertise, we’ve decided to launch the Publishing 3.0 Webinar Series to ensure you, our authors, are kept up to date with industry trends, opportunities, and resources.

Each is 30-45 minutes long. While they will be recorded, you are a LIVE attendee, however, there are bonuses at the end of each session.

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Topic list

1: What is Publishing 3.0    To Be Repeated in April 2020

This is about the many ways you can sell your books, as a self published author, who has total control over what you do with your content… it’s about extending your abilities to reach your market across multiple platforms.  So, let’s talk about that… it’s about the Before, During, and AFTER you create your book.  Your book is the beginning and the best way to use your power of focus to develop ideas, topic, and to get really tight on that.  But beyond that, you can also use Publishing 3.0 to go far beyond the sales of your book. You can use your content to create snippets, articles, blogs, podcasts, online training programs, workshops, and even movies.  But first, you need a plan.

Join us to talk through the options, what this means for you, and how to create your plan for content development and extension.

2: Where can you sell your books   5th March 2020 Register Here

You can sell your books on Amazon, Ingram Spark, and the back of the room when you present.  You can also create your own options for online sales via your website, but there’s even more choices available to you now.

Let’s get together and talk about how many options you have, what you need to do to ensure these are all maximized, and what you can expect to earn from these. Beyond this, where else can you extend your content so that you get more out of your book.

3: Why is the layout and design so important?  12th March Register Here

From fonts that you use, to the way you create your chapter headings, end material, and more, there are some savvy tips and tricks to ensuring your book looks, feels, and works like a traditionally high-quality published book. Come and learn how to fast track your book to more distribution options – including attracting the traditional publishers seeking to buy foreign rights options, as well as media personal who might invite you to be interviewed on radio, TV, or featured in online and offline magazines.

4: How to get the most out of reviews     19th March Register Here

Reviews are a valuable sign of social proof – having other people like your book and write about that, or even having high profile peers write endorsements for your book are an excellent way to ensure your book remains well received.  Especially soon after being launched.  There are programs you can use to help boost your reviews, but starting with people you know who are also experts in the industry (or related ones) you are writing about is a process.   Come and learn how we help our authors to maximise their options for reviews, both before their book is launched and afterwards.

5: Publishing Tools and Resources   26th March

From writing your first draft, to then publishing it and getting it launched to your market, we use a range of outstanding tools to help ensure that our author’s books are well written, produced, and then marketed to their readers.  Come and find out more, including what some of these cost, how you can maximise the use of some, and which ones are worth forgetting about.

6: What we do to promote a book/author    2nd April

We’ll walk you through the many steps we use for supporting our author leading up and and post launch time for their books.  We’ll share the special tips, tricks, and pr options that work, and what you can do to help promote your book further too.  You’ll also see the tools we use to ensure our authors are able to measure their outcomes when they have their book launching, and how to get the best metadata and keywords used for promotional action at launch time.

7: Social media for authors                       9th April

Which ones are useful and which ones should you be focusing on.   Beyond that, what can you be doing to really maximise the use of tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.   How does blogging help sell your books, and you, and what role can Linked In play to help further promote your authority as an author who speaks.

8: The speaker sheet – creating a good one and using it -16th April

What does a book promotional sheet look like?  What does a speaker promotional sheet look like?  What are the most important aspects of these and why does it matter that you get this part right?  We’ll also cover where you can use these to promote your ability to work as a speaker and marketing tips for use when it comes to speaking and interview options.

9: Being speaker bureau ready – what does this mean?  23rd April

A good speaker with a book is usually able to significantly work more often than a non-author who speaks.  But how can you be sure of getting consistent bookings, and even working with a speaker bureau?  This is about the next level of presenting – whether as a TED speaker or keynote option for an industry event.  What kind of speaker or ‘know-preneur’ do you want to be?  Let’s explore that further in this special webinar featuring guest Speaker Bureau X

10: The speaking industry in relation to non-fiction  30th April

If you are a non-fiction author, you need to also be a professionally paid speaker and recognized industry expert. That’s a big part of why you wrote a book in the first place right?  So where can you speak and who cares about what you have to say. This webinar is about the business of being a speaker, a sharer of expertise, and a knowledge merchant who gets paid to share what you know.  Special guest is Lindsay Adams.

11: Website and Promotional Ideas to sell your book(s) better     7th May

Need more fresh ideas on how to sell your book?  What about running a special promotion to get people interested in what you know, or around the book launch?  Where do these ideas come from, what works, and what doesn’t?  Is it worth doing a book launch or a pre-launch promotion?  Let’s find out more about this so you can maximise your ability to promote your book and get it off to a strong start at launch time or beyond.

12: Developing a program from your book – 14th May    

Featuring Brad Hauck on how to get serious about turning your book into a business. Online programs are highly lucrative and of significant value to your market in most instances, but where to start and what kind of program, tools, and online resources do you need to use.

13: The Argument for Audio Books         December ’20

Should you create an audio book or just an ebook or print book?   Why, does your market need to listen to your words or just read them?  And should you record your own, or have a professional do it?  And what is your investment in creating audio books, vs your expectation of ROI?  Let’s explore this further with special guest from Swann Media, the Danish based company currently ranked 3rd in the world for production of Audio Books.

Guest list includes:

  • Brad Hauck
  • Lindsay Adams
  • Cat Coluccio
  • Diana Thomson
  • Maria Fabrizio
  • Ann Dettori Wilson
  • Traditional Publishers
  • A Literary Agent
  • Swann Media