We’d love to work with you… but

Here’s some important things to note before we start:

We prefer work with serious, committed authors who want to do more than ‘just write a book’. If the fit is not right between us, we can maybe help you find some alternative options – sometimes we’re not the right mix, but that’s OK, we’ll guide you to find something that works for you if we can.

We prefer to start the conversation with you before you even start writing. After you wrote X0,000 words means a lot of re-work in most instances. Start talking with us early.  We also need to plan our commitments to authors well ahead.

  • We have online programs for you if you want to DIY your book journey, but we also have specialist one-to-one options if you want a lot more than just that.
  • We’re focused on the Before you write, while you write, then after you write a book and how to get leverage on that.  We’re experts development specialists, publishing specialists, and marketing specialists.
  • We also offer PR, Social Media, Web Development, Online Program options and more to our authors.
  • Our VIP’s join us regularly for additional experts industry training and insights. This is highly valued, and exclusive to our VIPs.

If you’re loving the sound of this so far, then please have a conversation with us soon.

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*T&Cs apply: Plus GST unless outside Australia / Payment plan options for all  programs / Please see full contacts for details