THREE x Three x Three… Plus Bonuses

1 (Dixie) to SOME = 2-4 Authors per group (max) – ie small focused group coaching with personal one:one support and bonus options to suit authors who want some DIY aspects of a course.

This is run over THREE months, featuring 3x group coaching sessions per month + 3x individual coaching sessions with Dixie, and a 1x Special bonus production focused session with Ann. Dettori Wilson.

Each month features 3x group coaching sessions plus

1x 1:1 session with Dixie


First Month

  • What you’re writing about, why, who is your market, where you fit as an expert, and your intentions with your book once finished.
  • Creating your writing plan, special sections, chapters, length, writing style.
  • Using the plan, writing tools, working out your writing rhythm.

Second Month 

  • What else goes into your book, all the extras,
  • Call to action – what you want to have happen when your book is read. Working out a plan for that to happen.
  • Beta readers, reviewers, social proof, social media. What and who needs to do what when your manuscript is finished.

Third Month 

  • Fine tuning your manuscript and getting it ready for editing, finding and engaging the right editor for you and your book. How to work with an editor.
  • Design, formatting, covers, branding and how to progress through the next stages of your production plan.
  • Special session with Ann to discuss more about the various aspects of production and the special things that make your book not look and feel like it’s been self-published.

In Addition: you get access to the entire three parts of our Online Program, introduction to all the resources, templates and tools we have developed to help you write, produce, and market your book. We also share with you all the great extras we recommend on social media, publishing platforms, and website tips we know will help you on your journey towards becoming and Authority.

Next Block is starting in July – please contact us for more details and a preliminary conversation about this option.

This is specifically designed for authors who want to have some aspects of a DIY program, but also want some high level publishing coaching and guidance along the way.

Your Investment: $4995.00 – or three payments of $1695.00 

Your production costs (Editing, Design, Formatting, Upload to Publishing Platforms etc) are not included in this program, but we are happy to quote these additional services with our own production team, or give you guidance to engage with your own people for that.