Online Course Options

If you want to get busy planning and developing a manuscript easily and quickly, and you like to be captain of your own ship, or are a dedicated DIYer then check out our online course for details of how you can access many of our outstanding resources, tools, and templates, along with a weekly update and loads of shared tips and information to help you FIRST, Plan and Write a Really GOOD Manuscript

Do you Aspire to be an AUTHOR or AUTHORITY?

Many people who want to write a book know that they can easily go online, write a book, publish it quickly and then use it to promote themselves as experts in their field.  However, starting from scratch, your learning curve might feel more like a steep rocky mountainside than a bell curve. 

Our focus is not just on how to write a solidly crafted well structured manuscript, but beyond that, what you need to know about getting real leverage on your book so that it’s working hard for you. There’s a difference between an author – someone who writes books – and an AUTHORITY  – a Fully leveraged authors. 


Before you do anything else, first plan, then write an excellent manuscript.

1:MANY Online Program – is divided into three main parts.

$99 per month subscription (min) 12 months

  • First write that manuscript – over 3-4 months. Using all of our wonderful resources, tools, and templates to see you start your planning, write according to your plan, and then gain a  clear understanding of what you need to do about Reviews, what else goes into your book, how to prepare it for editing, and then how to brief your formatting and design team.
  • Understanding all your options as you start to produce your book, from formatting, how to select and research a great set of subtitles, keywords, back cover descriptions and designing a cover that works for you.
  • How to get your book uploaded to all the online publishing platforms, book stores, printing and promotion options to get your book to market and start getting leverage on it.